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Sgt. Salathiel Benjamin Rush 63rd OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY This Civil War photo of Sgt. Salathiel B. Rush Mar 1864 “F” Co. 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was taken at Nashville, Tennessee. The 63rd was assigned to Fuller’s Brigade, 2nd Division, 16th Army Corps to March 1864, then the 63rd was assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 17th Army Corps and moved to Decatur, Ala., March 8th, seeing extended duty there, and from there (Decatur) they would participate in the “Atlanta Campaign” May 1-September 8th 1864. This is a Ferrotype (Tintype) of Sgt. Salathiel B. Rush Mar 1864, (slip of paper inside) in A Half Leather Case. Tenth plate (2 x 2 ½ inch) in a case constructed from wood milled by hand and covered with leather. The mat and the preserver frame are made of brass, plated with gold, and signed by “Dean & Emerson Patent Applied For Worcester. Mass No 10”, and frame type No 10. This Tintype photograph was made on a thin iron plate to produce a negative image that was made to appear as positive by painting the emulsion side with dark brown lacquer.



















OUR RUSH FAMILY IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR by John Bowman, the Great Grandson of Salathiel Benjamin Rush Sgt. “F” Co. 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
The four sons of Peter Rush and Elizabeth Pew-RUSH of Armstrongs Mills, Washington Township, Belmont County Ohio, who enlisted and fought in Union Regiments in the American Civil War.

With a fever of Civil War patriotism sweeping Ohio, son Morgan would be the first to leave. In June of 1861, he joined the Second (West) Virginia Infantry at Wheeling, Virginia and by early October, her oldest son; Salathiel Benjamin had decided he would enlist as soon as the harvest had been saved. Salathiel was mustered into service in the 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry November 24th, 1861. Brother John C. had made up his mind that upon reaching the age of 16 he would enlist and August 22, 1862 he was mustered into service in the 52nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 17 year old, Samuel C., not quite as anxious, enlisted in the 176th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in September of 1864. Brother-in law, Mahlon C. Pugh, husband of Ivey Jane Rush (the four brother’s sister) served in Salathiel’s “F” Co., 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
One of John Bowman’s Bowman Family members was a Civil War Veteran, Great Grand Uncle William S. McHugh Co. K, 12th Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry.

Salathiel Benjamin Rush
Salathiel’s “Pay Vouchers”
Date of Enlistment: 24 November 1861
Date of Rank: Private 24 November 1861 $11.00 per month $132.00
Date of Rank: Corporal 1 November 1862 $12.00 per month $192.00
Date of Rank: Sergeant 1 March 1863 $13.00 per month $377.00
Date of re-Enlistment 1 January 1864
Date of Discharge 8 July 1865 Total pay = $701.00
Sick at Camp Quarters May and June 1862, and October 1862
#1 Volunteer Enlistment (Govt. Form Printing Office Dec. 1861)
Prospect, Tenn. Volunteer re-enlisted 26 December 1863 as of 1 Jan 1864

The 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry during its term of service had on its muster rolls an aggregate number of 1,522 officers and enlisted men.

Available statistics for total numbers of men listed as:
Enlisted or commissioned: 1,522
Drafted: 3
Transferred in: 239
Killed or died of wounds (Officers): 2
Killed or died of wounds (Enlisted men): 91
Died of disease (Officers): 5
Died of disease (Enlisted men): 259
Prisoner of war: 27
Died while prisoner of war: 7
Disabled: 316
Deserted: 2
Discharged: 89
Mustered out: 849
Transferred out: 28

Washington Township, Armstrongs Mills, Ohio soldiers in “F” Co. 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry serving with Sgt. Salathiel B. Rush were:
Aaron E. Hendershot who was “Killed in Action” near Decatur, Georgia Jul 22, 1864
J. Washington Murphy who died in hospital at St. Louis, Missouri Apr 8, 1862
William Trigg, who died at camp Dec 4, 1862.
George Cornell
Christian Gates
James W. Crawford
Wilber George.
John P. Hendershot
William Hendershot
James Louden
William P. Reed
Abraham Rhodes
Mahlon Vandyne

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