Civil War Steamboat Models by John Bowman USS Queen of the West Ram


USS Queen Of The West Charles Ellet’s Civil War Ram

Civil War Steamboat Queen of the West Model by John Bowman.
The steamboat Queen of the West on display at West Virginia Independence Hall, Wheeling, West Virginia was Charles Ellet, Jr.’s Civil War Ram. The side-wheel packet Queen of the West was built at Cincinnati, Ohio in 1854. In May of 1862 the USQMD converted the Queen at New Albany, Indiana into a Union Ram designed by Charles Ellet, Jr., builder of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge in 1849. June 6, 1862, in the Battle of Memphis Ellet rammed and sank the Gen. Lovell. When one of the Queen’s paddlewheels was disabled she was run ashore. In the battle Ellet was wounded in the knee. Charles Ellet, Jr. died June 18, 1862 from his wounds. The Queen engaged in battle with CSS Arkansas above Vicksburg, July 15 and again July 22, 1862. The Queen was in the expedition up the Yazoo River November 21st through December 11th 1862 and involved in dragging for torpedoes and bombardments at Haynes Bluff and Drumgoulds Bluff the 23rd through the 26th of December 1862. The Queen rammed the CSS City of Vicksburg off Vicksburg February 2, 1863 causing considerable damage. February 3, 1863 she was in a raid on the lower Red River capturing the A.W. Baker, the Berwick Bay and the Moro. February 14, the Era No. 5 was taken however, the Queen ran aground near Gordons Landing, Louisiana where she was captured to become a Confederate ram. On the Atchafalaya River during the Battle of Grand Lake, March 14, 1863 the Queen was struck by a percussion shell which, set afire cotton bales piled aboard her for protection. In the fire her magazines exploded with the loss of twenty-six hands.

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