New Orleans The First Steamboat on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers


New Orleans Steamboat Model by John Bowman


1811 New Orleans Replica Steamboat at Wheeling in 1911

New Orleans
The First Steamboat on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
The 1811 New Orleans Model by John Bowman
This is a historically accurate model of the steamboat New Orleans. The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania had a replica built at the Elizabeth, Pa. boat yard in 1911 to commemorate the “Centennial Celebration of Steamboating”. The replica was as close to the original 1811 steamer as the steamboat inspection laws and fragmentary information would permit. The side-wheel steamboat New Orleans built in Pittsburgh in 1811 was 138.5’ x 26’ or 32.5’ x 12’. The New Orleans was designed by Robert Fulton and built by Nicholas Roosevelt, a partner of Fulton and Robert Livingston. The boat was equipped with a low-pressure steam engine built by Fulton. Her boiler was made in New Jersey and transported over the Alleghenies. New Orleans left Pittsburgh Sunday, October 20th, 1811 and arrived at New Orleans, January 10, 1812. The boat docked at Wheeling, Va. the afternoon of October 21st long enough for Roosevelt to post letters. Following her successful trip south, the New Orleans ran packet service hauling people and cargo between New Orleans and Natchez for the next two years. Her upward trip took seven to eight days and she descended in two. New Orleans sank two miles below Baton Rouge July 14, 1814.

This New Orleans Model by John Bowman is on Permanent Display at the Bellaire, Ohio Public Library

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