William Manley & Son Bellaire Wharfboat Model by John Bowman


William Manley & Son Bellaire Wharfboat Model by John Bowman


The Ferryboats Gertrude and Hazel


Wm. Manley & Son Bellaire Wharfboat Bellaire, Ohio Ferryboats Gertrude and Hazel


Wm. Manley & Son
with the ferryboats Gertrude and Hazel
The Manleys, Peter Manley, then William and son John operated Bellaire’s wharfboat from the 1870s into the late 1920s. This Bellaire Wharfboat sat at the Twenty-Sixth Street wharf (known as the lower wharf) built by the city circa 1878. In October of 1883, the Manleys installed a telephone in Peter’s grocery store and the wharfboat. This present wharfboat, built on a barge, was the last built for the Manleys and lasted some thirty years. Goods were delivered daily to the ‘Steamboat Agent’ at the wharfboat, where the agent would assign the goods to the next available steamboat heading to the ‘Bill of Lading’s’ destination. William ‘Manley and Crozier were dealers in sand and gravel. Wm. Manley and C.W. Dickens of Bellaire bought the steam-powered ferryboat Emily in 1913 and ran her Bellaire-Benwood.
The photo shows the last two ferryboats, Gertrude and Hazel running out of Bellaire. They were passenger ferryboats powered by a Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engine and could safely ferry a dozen people over to Benwood and / or to the Forty-Third Street, Wheeling landing. Bellaire’s ferry service ended when the Bellaire Toll Bridge was built in 1926.
The William Manley & Son Bellaire Wharfboat Model by John Bowman is on Permanent Display at the Bellaire Public Library, Bellaire, Ohio.