Authentic Scale Model Replica by John Bowman

In 1934, Dravo Corporation, Neville Island, Pennsylvania built the steel-hulled towboat Peace, hull number 1163 for Union Barge Line Corp. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was delivered in October of 1934. She was powered by two Winton diesels, which developed 750-hp. She was later re-powered with two General Motors 12 cyl. 1,450-hp. diesel engines. In 1948, she was re-powered with two LST 1,800-hp. diesel engines with Kork nozzles. In 1961, Union Barge Line sold Peace to Walker Towing Co. of Paducah, Kentucky, who in May of 1967 renamed her, Joseph E. Walker. She was sold in April 1980 to B&E Rentals, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, who placed her in the hands of G&C Towing, Inc., who at one time ran a large fleet of towboats out of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. G&C Towing renamed her Capt. Jack Loomis.

Displayed at the Point Pleasant River Museum Point Pleasant, West Virginia

CAPT. JACK LOOMIS Model by John Bowman

CAPT. JACK LOOMIS Model by John Bowman

CAPT. JACK LOOMIS Model by John Bowman

John Bowman’s photo of the Capt. Jack Loomis down bound at Mile 87.6 having just left Ohio River Lock No. 12 at Warwood, West Virginia

Point Pleasant River Museum John Bowman’s Steamboat Models are Displayed here

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