BOAZ DIESEL TOWBOAT built in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1957 by John Bowman

BOAZ was built by YATES MARINE CONSTRUCTION CO. (Yates, Jack and Pluckebaum, Arthur) in Wheeling, (Wheeling Island) West Virginia in 1957 as a steel-hulled twin prop Diesel towboat with two General Motors diesel engines developing 450 hp for the Monongahela and Ohio Dredging Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania length 60’ width 20’ hull depth 7’. BOAZ was listed in the 1985 INLAND RIVER RECORD with the number 275144. The boat’s registered number was listed beginning in 1980.
Source: Way, Frederick, Jr., INLAND RIVER RECORD 1958 Sewickley, Pa.
Source: Owen, Daniel C., INLAND RIVER RECORD 1985 A Publication of the Waterways Journal St. Louis, MO.

John Bowman’s photo of the Diesel Towboat BOAZ built in 1956-1957 by Yates Marine Construction Co. Wheeling, West Virginia

YATES MARINE CONSTRUCTION CO. (Yates, Thomas ‘Jack’ and Pluckebaum, Arthur) began building diesel towboats, ferry flats and barges in Wheeling, (Wheeling Island) West Virginia in 1953. Yates and Pluckebaum had worked in the Louisville, Kentucky, Jeffersonville, Indiana boat yards, and in 1953, they decided to go out on their own. That year, they came to Wheeling where they established a boat yard on Wheeling Island.
JOHN SANFORD, a steel fabricator and welder is noted in a December 11, 1956 Wheeling Intelligencer newspaper article as a Yates employee ‘welder’. John Lee Tripp-Sanford of Louisville, Kentucky, moved his family to Wheeling in in 1955 and joined Yates.
Source: Bowman, John, WHEELING THE BIRTHPLACE OF THE AMERICAN STEAMBOAT 2008 Wheeling, West Virginia

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