“INLAND RIVER RECORD” 1945 Book by Way, Frederick, Jr. History by John Bowman

INLAND RIVER RECORD1945 Book by Way, Frederick, Jr. History by John Bowman


INLAND RIVER RECORD 1945 Way, Frederick, Jr.
Steam and Diesel Vessels of the Mississippi River System in Operation as of March 1, 1945 Compiled by Frederick Way, Jr. 1945 121 River Avenue Sewickley, Pa. Sewickley Printing Shop, Inc. 148 pages 5 ½” x 8 ¼” Blue Cloth. The book sold for $1.00, and was available from ‘Inland River Record 121 River Avenue Sewickley, Penna.’ (this was Frederick Way, Jr.’s home).
My research finds that a copy of this scarce 1945 First Edition in Good Condition sold in 1975 for $200.00. John Bowman
In this First INLAND RIVER RECORD book, Frederick Way, Jr. tells us: The compilation of the book is largely a 50-50 proposition with J. Mack Gamble of Clarington, Ohio.
This 1945 INLAND RIVER RECORD First edition is very scarce: See explanation as to why in the 1968* edition. “Ye Editor (Fred Way, Jr.) eventually dug a hole in his backyard and buried alive 300 unsold copies rather than admit failure to market them.” This act was remembered by Capt. Ross Rogers, Jr. of Sewickley, Pa. who was a next-door neighbor of Fred Way, Jr., and a long time steam and diesel riverboat Pilot on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

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