John Bowman Author, Historian, West Virginia History Hero and Steamboat Model Builder.

John’s writings concentrate on Wheeling’s boat history.  Wheeling began building boats, Barges, Bateaux, Flatboats, Keelboats, and Pirogues in 1774, the first Ohio River city to build boats, and the third settlement on the ‘Western Rivers’ to have a boat building industry.  ‘Western Rivers’ are rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico.  Red Stone Old Fort now Brownsville, Pennsylvania was building boats for the Army in the 1750s.  Pittsburgh was building boats for the Army in the 1760s; both were on the Monongahela River.  Wheeling built the first successful steamboat, the Washington in 1815.

Books by John Bowman that document Wheeling’s boat history are:

  1. Wheeling The Birthplace of the American Steamboat
  2. A Pictorial History of Wheeling and Ohio River Steamboats
  3. Steamboats on the Western Rivers in the Civil War
  4. Bills of Lading Freight On Board, Wheeling, West Virginia
  5. A History of the Steamboat Washington
  6. Boat Building Wheeling’s First Major Industry

Books by John Bowman that document Wheeling’s history:

  1. The Wheeling Stogie, the Stogie was invented in Wheeling
  2. Centre Market Ever Changing by John Bowman and Glinda Bowman

These books are posted on this website with a description of their contents, and where they are available for purchase.

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