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THE SECOND WEST VIRGINIA INFANTRY By John Bowman The Second West Virginia Infantry was the first regiment in the state of Virginia / West Virginia that enlisted recruits for three years of service, and the first one mustered in under Governor Pierpont, Governor of the ‘Restored’ State of Virginia. Companies “A, D, F and G” […]

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WHEELING’S MAIN STREET COVERED BRIDGE 1816-1832 Wheeling’s First Bridge

WHEELING’S MAIN STREET COVERED BRIDGE 1816-1832 Wheeling’s first bridge At Wheeling, Virginia (West Virginia) in the winter of 1815-1816, while the steamboat Washington, then under construction, awaited its steam machinery from Brownsville, Pennsylvania, its builder, Henry Miller Shreve had George White, White’s Lead Carpenter Samuel Wait, and their carpenters build a covered bridge. This was […]

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WHEELING’S “FORT RANDOLPH” U.S. Troop Garrison 1794-1815 Wheeling’s Other Fort

“FORT RANDOLPH” U.S. TROOP GARRISON 1794-1815 WHEELING’S OTHER FORT by John Bowman Wheeling’s “Fort Randolph” was named for Edmund Jennings Randolph, a highly respected Virginian who served as an aide-de-camp to General George Washington in 1775 and was elected to the Virginia Convention of 1776. He was Virginia’s first Attorney General and Mayor of the […]

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