2220 Market Street Wheeling Fremder-Treiber House

In 1868, Edward Fremder a painter-glazer and recent émigré; along with his wife Anna Marie and mother Louisa Fremder from the Hessian area of Germany, built this two-story, four-room brick house on a lot Edward had purchased from the Caldwell’s in 1866.  The rather unique separated front entries accommodated privacy for two families.  Edward’s mother Louisa occupied the second floor.  They had an outside privy, and their kitchen was a separate building in the rear.  This 1838 building had been a Grainary on the Caldwell farm.

The Victorian Italianate style building with wood entablature relief work of Gothic four petals ‘Quatrefoil’ design rotated to represent a cross is found in many church reliefs, including stained glass windows.

Michael Treiber and wife Carolina Fremder-Treiber, Edward’s daughter, bought the house in February 1892 from Carolina’s mother, the widow Anna Marie Fremder.  Anna Marie continued to reside on the second floor until her death in 1898.  Michael added two-story kitchens to the back of the house, and used the downstairs front room to retail Boots and Shoes.

Marie and Phillip Cohnheim rented the house from Michael beginning in 1911, and upon the death of Marie’s husband Phillip in 1917, Marie bought the house and added to the house, two-story inside bathrooms.  Marie raised chickens in the small building in the rear, previously a kitchen, and sold poultry, eggs, and butter across the street in the Upper Market House.  Marie remarried and sold the house in April 1924.

Rousos E. Yacoumakis a nonresident property owner bought the house 1929.  The house was sold to George M. and Frosco Vasilon in October of 1940.  George Vasilons’ brother Ernest and his wife Georgia had a bakery, the “Sunshine Bakery”, in the same small grainary building in the rear that was previously used by Marie Cohnheim to raise chickens.  George Vasilon sold the house to Pete and Pauline Mourmanis in April of 1944.

In September 1952, Joseph P. Sleime and his mother Anna purchased the house.  Joseph known locally as Charlie Chaplin was listed in city directories as a bartender at one or another of “Big” Bill Lias’ clubs.  However, Joseph was allegedly Bill’s “Bag-Man” or “runner”.  Joseph, it was said, daily collected the numbers money from Bill’s bars in Wheeling and carried it in a black bag he brought home every night.  Joseph secreted the bag in a box-like shelf in the stairwell.

In January 1966, Minim and Josephine Kaleel purchased the house.  Josephine for many years was the owner of “Sunshine Grocery” in the Centre Market Square.

In June 1996, Glinda and John Bowman purchased the house and commenced the remodeling / restoration while in residence, which they completed in 1999.