WHEELING RETAIL GROCERS 1820 – 1920 by John Bowman

Today, Wheeling has Kroger and a Riesbeck’s Food Market, Sav-A-Lot, and a few convenient Convenience Stores where one buys groceries.  Maybe today, that is enough stores to fill the need, but it wasn’t always so.  A timely trend may be that you make your order from one of these stores and it will be delivered to your home.  In 1920 into 1960, the Jewell Tea Co. Serviced the Homemaker going door to door.  They had a warehouse and store at 401 Main Street in 1920. It would seem there was a grocery store on every corner and in the middle of the block and then some.  There are 345 Grocery Stores listed in Wheeling from 1820 to 1920. Check the name and addresses, did one of your ancestors have a grocery, or was your house at one time a grocery store?

Wheeling was a frontier community, during it’s early years, it had No stores.  The Reverend and Dr. Joseph Doddridge 1769-1826 who lived in that time best explains one’s existence on ‘The Frontier’.  Doddridge experienced the life and he wrote about it in “Notes, on the Settlement and Indian Wars, of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania From 1763-1783 Inclusive”.  Published in 1824.  “What early settlers had, they grew in the soil, trapped or shot, or it was sewn or made at home, everything else was a luxury.  Every family had a little garden for vegetables and a larger enclosed garden, which they called a ‘truck patch’ where they would raise corn, pumpkins, squashes, beans and potatoes.  These were harvested and cooked with pork, venison or bear meat and the meat of the plentiful wild turkeys.  They ate ‘hog and hominy’; Johnnycake and corn pone were the only forms of bread.  They had milk and corn-mush; when milk was scarce, the hominy and mush was served with sweetened water, molasses, bear’s oil or the gravy of fried meat.  The table was set with a few pewter dishes, plates and spoons; but mostly of wooden bowls, trenchers and noggins.” Wheeling’s first historically noted grocery store is written of in 1815.  On Main Street, Mr. Thomas Johnston operates a grocery store.  As to meat, noted in the same year is Henry Sockman’s butcher shop and slaughterhouse.

Grocery Store Source and History: For more substantial Wheeling history see: Bowman, John “Bills of Lading Freight on Board Wheeling West Virginia” available at Amazon.com. Also included and listed in John’s book are the over 750 products manufactured and shipped from Wheeling between 1790 and 1920.

J.E., Turner delivered groceries to your home with Prince‘ in 1902

345 Wheeling Retail Grocery Stores 1820-1920 Alphabetically Listed

Jacob Korn grocery store at 332 Main Street in 1884
J.G. Raab’s Sons Fancy Grocery 30 National Road Elm Grove in 1907
  • A & P Food Stores, 51 Fifteenth Street, 1056 Market Street, 2245 Market Street, Wheeling.
    Abraham, Joseph, retail grocer, 2147 Main Street in 1919.
    Acker, J.R., groceries and provisions, flour, grain and feed, 115 Sixteenth Street in 1881.
    Adams & Yocom, (Adams, J.H. and Yocom, J.M.) produce etc., 1008 Market Street (Market Square) 1881.
    Adams, John Q., groceries and produce, 1042 Main Street in 1881.
    Agnic, Michael, retail grocer, 52½ Main Street in 1919.
    Albinger, William M., meat and poultry, 2315 Market Street in 1919.
    Altmeyer, James P., retail grocer, 3846 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Amien, Charles, retail grocery and restauranteur at 2115 Main Street from 1912 to 1919.
    Anderson, George H., retail grocer, 143 Fourteenth Street in 1919.
    Armbruster, John, retail grocer, 700 Main Street in 1919.
    Attlesey, William, grocery store on the riverbank between Union and Madison Streets.
    Auld, J. & Co., groceries and dry goods store corner Main and Quincy Streets.
    Bachman, Conrad, retail grocer from 1869, first at 2127 Chapline Street then in 1871 to 2201 Eoff Street and to Moran & Murphy retail grocer at 2201 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Barlow Co., retail grocery stores at 170 and 623 Market Street, then to 51-53 Fifteenth Street and at 407 Main Street in Elm Grove in 1919.
    Bassett, W.R., grocer to Sliffe, John W., grocer in 1889.
    Bayha, Jacob, family grocery and dealer in all kinds of produce and provisions, canned goods, butter, lard, bacon, etc., 1157 Market Street in 1881.
    Beal, Clyde R., retail grocer, 3744 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Behrens, H.F., groceries, dealer in groceries, flour, produce, European Steamship Agency, 2217 and 2219 Market Street established 1867. Behrens had the first telephone used in Wheeling in 1879 and the store was still there in 1919.
    Bell, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant at 43 Water Street.
    Bieth, Lawrence, retail grocer, 561 Grandview in 1919.
    Blackburn Co., retail grocer, 1117 Market Street in 1919.
    Boecker Grocery Co., retail grocer, 115 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    Bogard, Isaac, retail grocer, 151½ National Road, Fulton in 1919.
    Boggs, Albert S., retail grocer, 75 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Bohl, F.A., groceries and meats at 2242 Eoff Street to Bowers, William H., grocer in 1919.
    Bolton, Alexander, retail grocer, 66 Maryland Avenue in 1919.
    Bone, Ann Mary, fruit store, and seamstress and manufacturer of band boxes, 196 Main Street.
    Bott, Adolph, grocer at 263 Eoff Street from 1884.
    Bottsford, J.K., grocer at 31 Water Street in 1853.
    Brandau, Simon, retail grocer, 3201 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Brown, James, grocer at 14 Center Street, Fulton and a piggery farm on Fairmont Avenue on Caldwell Run also known as Piggery Hollow.
    Browning, Lea H., retail grocer, 946-48 Main Street in 1919.
    Butler, John F., retail grocer, Park View Avenue in 1919.
    C.H. Booth & Son, (Booth, C.H. and F.B.) Steamboat Agents, dealers in boat stores and family groceries, rock ice, fresh and cured meats, canned fruits, etc., corner Twelfth and Water Streets in 1885.
    Calissi, Mariam, peanut stand, corner Eleventh and Market Streets in 1881 in (Market Square).
    Carcasi, Samuel, retail grocer, 156 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Carey, Jane, retail grocer, 178 Twenty-Ninth Street in 1919.
    Castello, Julius, retail grocer, 121 Kruger Street, Elm Grove in 1919.
    Chambers, Elizabeth, retail grocer, 66 Twenty-Fourth Street in 1919.
    Cihy, Andrew, retail grocer, 159 National Road, Fulton in 1919.
    Clator, Ella A., retail grocer, Railroad Avenue, Clator in 1919.
    Crawford, John B., retail grocer on Market Street, to Crawford, M.C., grocer and provision dealer at 1070 Market Street, 1880.
    Crawford, Joseph M., retail grocer, 2500 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Coleman, Bros., retail grocer, 80 Twenty-Seventh Street in 1919.
    Coleman, John George, grocer at Eighteenth and Wood Streets from 1869-1889.
    Coleman, Louis W., retail grocer, 2405 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Conrad, A. Cakse, retail grocer, 2701 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Cook, Fred A., retail grocer, 2928 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Couri, Antonio, produce, fruits and vegetables at 2238 Main Street in 1919.
    Coury, John, retail grocer, 2142 Main Street in 1919.
    Crangle, James, commission merchant and dealer in flour, grain, produce and general at 38 and 40 Monroe Street and 121 Market Street in 1857, at 1510 Main Street in 1884.
    Crock, Alexander J., retail grocer, 161 Twenty-Ninth Street in 1919.
    Cropper, Margaret, fruit and provision store at 68 Sixth Street.
    Crowley, Nicholas, grocer in Market Square in 1861.
    Crawford, M.C., general grocer and provision dealer at 1070 Market Street in 1881.
    Cunningham, Raymond, retail grocer, 648 Market Street in 1919.
    Dames, Samuel, produce, fruits and vegetables, 1017 Main Street in 1919.
    Davidson, John H., retail grocer, 2 South Huron Street in 1919.
    Davis, Mrs. Celia A., retail grocer, 57 Thirteenth Street in 1919.
    De Biase, Vincenzo, C., retail grocer at 1825 Wood Street in 1919.
    Dickman, William C., retail grocer in South Wheeling in 1860s and at 2706 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Diehl, John H. & Co., (Cotts, G.W. and Kober) grocers and produce, corner of Main and Tenth Streets from 1870, to 1204 Water Street in 1881, which became Klieves, Charles A., grocer in 1887.
    Diven, Louisa, grocer at 316 Main Street.
    Doepken’s, superior meats and fancy produce, ‘Grumet’s’.
    Dougherty, Thomas M., retail grocer, 157 Fifteenth Street in 1919.
    Duvall, Robert C., retail grocer, 614 National Road, Fulton in 1919.
    Dulty, J., grocer on Center Street, Fulton in 1853.
    Dunlap, Martha, grocer at 189 Fourth Street.
    E.R. Johnson & Co., retail grocer, 75 Heiskell Avenue, Echo Point in 1919.
    Edmonson, G. Thomas, fruit and grocery store 142 Main Street.
    Eleser, Andrew, grocery at 734 Main Street in 1881.
    Ellingham, Robert, Bessie and Maria, grocers at 70-72 Sixteenth Street from 1889.
    Elm Grove Mining Co., grocery, Elm Grove in 1919.
    Fagert, Archibald, produce market, 25 Twenty-Third Street in 1919.
    Falland, Mrs. Ursula, retail grocer, 112 Main Street in 1919.
    Felber, Henry J., retail grocer at 1225 Eoff Street from 1875.
    Fette, Frederick C., retail grocer, 3501 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Fischer, Bernhart, grocer and confectioner at 4316 Jacob Street in 1881.
    Flaccus Brothers grocery store was started in 1890 at Twenty-Third and Market Street. See their listing under Canneries where they moved their business into the old East Wheeling Brewery buildings.
    Forsch, Frederick W., retail grocer, Elm Grove in 1919.
    Fox, Edward L., retail grocer, 116 Kruger Street, in 1919.
    Frame, Dowl, produce merchant and express-man, 2125 Main Street in 1881.
    Frantz, Roy A., retail grocer at 3700 Eoff Street in 1919 former building of grocer Henry G. Hoffmann.
    Frasher & Radcliff, (Frasher, J.M., Robert and Radcliff, Wm. R.) produce merchants 2348 Chapline Street in 1881.
    Friederich, Harry F., retail grocer, 69 Forty-Third Street in 1919.
    Front, Vincenty, retail grocer at 4354 Wood Street in 1919.
    Fulton Grocery Co. at 154 National Road Fulton in 1919.
    Games, Wiley E., retail grocer, 443½ North Huron Street in 1919.
    George, William, grocer, corner of Washington and Main Street.
    Gilfillan, William T., retail grocer, 4 Kentucky Avenue in 1919.
    Gilligan, Patrick F., retail grocer, 49 Thirty-Eighth Street in 1919.
    Good Bros., retail grocers, 2104 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Goodwin, Mrs. Blanche, retail grocer, 2412 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Graham, George J., retail grocer, 143 Kruger Street in 1919.
    Grand Union Tea Co., 30 Eleventh Street in 1920.
    H. Hudnell & Son, retail grocer, 2606 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Habdel, Sulavan, retail grocer, 2505 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Habig, Ambrose F., retail grocer, 2601 Market Street in 1919.
    Hallett, Harry H., retail grocer, 703 Main Street, Elm Grove in 1919.
    Handlin, A. & J.T., groceries and dry goods in 1853.
    Handy, David, fruitier at 198 Main Street.
    Hanes & Huff, (Hanes, Wm. and Huff, J.R.) grocers at 813 Market Street in 1881.
    Hanshumaker, Michael, retail grocer, 3701 Wood Street in 1919.
    Harrell & Spargo, (Harrell, Atremas Crouder and Spargo, William C.) retail grocers from 1873-1883.
    Harrington, Mrs. Mary, retail grocer, 168 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    Hart, Mrs. Mary, retail grocer, 4034 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Hartney, George, retail grocer, Clator in 1919.
    Hasenauer Sisters, retail grocery, 164 Eighteenth Street in 1919.
    Hays, Julius H., groceries and provisions at 4109 Jacob Street in 1881.
    Heil, Casper, retail grocer at 139 Eighteenth Street from 1866.
    Heil, Peter C., meats and poultry, 2259 Market Street in 1919.
    Heinlein, Ellsworth, retail grocer, 77 Twenty-Sixth Street in 1919.
    Helfenbine, William E., retail grocer with stores at 501 and 1715 Warwood Ave.
    Helman, W., family grocery on Clay Street in 1853.
    Hemphill, Mrs. Anna, retail grocer, 332 Main Street in 1919.
    Hill, George, Grocer at 159 Sixteenth Street.
    Hoffmann, Henry G., retail grocer at 3527 Eoff Street, then to 3700 Eoff Street and to 167 Twenty-Ninth Street in 1919.
    Holdermann Bros., retail grocer, 4738 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Hosack, William, grocer 11 Main Street.
    Hutch, Joseph, retail grocer, 3713 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Hughes, L.G., grocer in South Wheeling in 1853.
    Hull, Lewis, Jr., green grocery and butcher at 657 Main Street in 1881.
    Hydinger, Joseph & Remke, grocers at 4306 Jacob Street from 1872, with Remke in 1897 and to Charles Hydinger, grocery in 1919.
    Isham & Digby, produce commission merchants, 1308 Main Street in 1884.
    J.C. Beck & Co., retail grocer from 1888 and at 3642 Jacob Street in 1919, John C. Beck had run a wholesale and retail cigar business to 1888.
    Jeffers, Anna M., retail grocer, 112 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    Jeffers, E.C., grocer on John Street in 1853.
    Jenkins, Emma, retail grocer, 2400 Wood Street in 1919.
    Johnson, E.R. & Co., for fine meats and groceries, 75 Heiskell Avenue, Warwood.
    Johnson, Joseph E., retail grocer in Mozart in 1919.
    Johnson, Robert H., retail grocer, 2163 Main Street in 1919.
    Juergens, Henry, retail grocer from 1875.
    Jungnickel, Emil, retail grocer, 3037 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Kafalos & Manuras, retail grocer, 2301 Market Street in 1919.
    Kaiser, William J., retail grocer, 1001 Main Street in 1919.
    Kaltenbach, George T., retail grocer, 835 Market Street in 1919.
    Karafinos, Satirios, retail grocer, 2501 Market Street in 1919.
    Karr, Edward S., retail grocer, 454 National Road in 1919.
    Katordoros, Harry, retail grocer, 2509 Market Street in 1919.
    Kelly Sarah E., retail grocer, 219 Main Street in 1919.
    Kemp, Walter W., retail grocer, 2514 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Kennedy, E.C., grocery and provisions at 38 Main Street, Centre Wheeling in 1853.
    Kennedy, Gloud W., grocery and provisions on Fifteenth Street to Kennedy, Harry C., grocery at 128 Fifteenth Street in 1881 and to 23 Eleventh Street in 1919..
    Kennen, John W., retail grocer from 1877 at 2401 Chapline Street in 1881 and as Rail, William H., retail grocer at 2401 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Keyser, Parker J., retail grocer, 415 Main Street in Elm Grove in 1919.
    Kildenberger, Fred, groceries and confectioneries at 917 Market Street in 1881.
    Killeen, Thomas W., grocery at 2901 McCulloch Street from 1883 and as Smith, George, retail grocer at 2901 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Kimberly, Philo L., retail grocer, 3537 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Kimmins, Charles, C., retail grocer, 424 National Road in Fulton in 1919.
    Kimmins, John W., grocery at 109 Sixteenth Street.
    Kincheloe, R.S., fruit dealer, southeast corner Tenth and Main Street (Market Square) in 1881.
    Kindleberger, Jacob W., produce market, 3811 Jacob Street in 1919.
    King, Solomon, dealers in groceries, liquors and country produce at 232 Main Street.
    Klein, Charles, grocer, corner of Eighth and Market Streets in 1887 to Klein & Merriman Co., wholesale grocers in 1904.
    Klinkler, Albert, retail grocer, 225 Center Street in Fulton in 1919.
    Knauss, John G., retail grocer, 53 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Koglikowski, James, retail grocer, 74 Main Street in 1919.
    Koontz, Mrs. Dora V., retail grocer, 2253 Main Street in 1919.
    Koria, Slyby, retail grocer, 2128 Main Street in 1919.
    Korn, Jacob Valentine, retail grocer at 332 Main Street in 1884 and 315 Main Street in 1919.
    Kress, George, retail grocer, 167 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    Kroger Stores, groceries, ‘Club Food’ products and ‘Hot Dated’ coffee.
    Kulick, Julius, L., retail grocer, 1015 Market Street in 1919.
    L. Lucker & Sons, retail grocer, 24 Eleventh Street in 1919.
    La Belle Store, Ray, J.M. proprietor, pure and wholesome groceries, northeast corner Thirty-First and Chapline Streets in 1881.
    Lias, Nicholas & Co., retail grocer, 416 Main Street in 1919.
    Lakios, George, retail grocer, 2230 Main Street in 1919.
    Lashhorn, Rosalie L., retail grocer, 2744 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Lear, William P., retail grocer, 15 Thirteenth Street in 1919.
    Levy, Harry, retail grocer, National Road and Edgington in 1919.
    List, Davenport & Parks, grocery business at Main and Fourteenth Streets to 1876.
    Lopreste, Frank, fruits and vegetables, 43 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Lucas, John L., Grocer at 83 Thirty-Third Street from 1879.
    Lukens, Charles, Grocer from 1860.
    M. H. McCausland & Son, retail grocer, 606 Main Street, Elm Grove in 1919.
    Malloy & Malloy, retail grocer, 2624 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Malloy, Mary, retail grocer, 2900 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Marshlenski, John, retail grocer, 2644 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Maruca, John, retail grocer, 1343 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Matheny, Andrew C., retail grocer, Pike Street in 1919.
    McAllister, Lottie M., retail grocer, 1202 Jacob Street in 1919.
    McCann, Robert, retail grocer, 162 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    McCluskey, Michael M., retail grocer, 1155 Charles Street in 1919.
    McCormick, T.H., groceries and liquors 1800 Wood Street in 1881 and as Sanders, Christian, retail grocer at 1800 Wood Street in 1919.
    McKee, David, A., grocer at 2227 Market Street in 1853, succeeded by his son, Samuel B. in 1884.
    McKee, Samuel B., choice family groceries, ‘Upper Crust’ flour, fine drawing teas a specialty, 2227 Market Street in 1889 and at 2235-39 Market Street in 1919.
    McKee, John, grocer at 113 Clay Street in 1866, to 59 Clay Street in 1873, now addressed as 50-52 Eighteenth Street.
    McNeil, Jams, L., retail grocer, 2835 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Meagel, Edward Henry, grocer at 122 Eighteenth Street in 1885.
    Medick, George M., retail grocer, 2719 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Merschrod, John F., retail grocer, 141 Twenty-Ninth Street in 1919.
    Mick, Luther S., retail grocer, 952 Market Street in 1919.
    Miller, J.A., fancy grocer and confectioner, 48 Main Street in 1872.
    Miller, Jeremiah Alexander, grocer in 1868-1883.
    Miller, John C., grocer from 1858-1883 to son Charles R. Miller, grocer in 1883.
    Miller, John J., retail grocer, 3801 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Miller, Mistie M., retail grocer, 176 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Miller, Peter, retail grocer from 1860 at Third and Main Streets.
    Moone, Lambert, retail grocer, 35 Maryland Avenue in 1919.
    Mooney, Albert J., retail grocer, 65-67 Eleventh Street in 1919.
    Moore & Moore, retail grocer, 2110 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Moore, Albert W., retail grocer, 98 Fifteenth Street in 1919.
    Moore, Edgar A., produce dealer at 32 Twenty-Third Street in 1881.
    Moore, Ralph R., retail grocer, 300 South Penn Street in 1919.
    Moore, Shadrack, retail grocer, 1318 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Moore, Thomas, D., retail grocer, 80 Virginia Street in 1919.
    Moran & Murphy, retail grocer, 2201 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Morris, Edward Jacob, grocer at 119 Sixteenth Street from 1886.
    Mueller, John, retail grocer, 806 National Road in Fulton in 1919.
    Muhleman, C.E., retail grocer, 323 North Wabash Street in 1919.
    Muhleman, Reuben C., retail grocer, 70 New Jersey Avenue in 1919.
    Muir, Annett C., retail grocer, 3209 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Murphy, Wesley D., grocer at 34 Zane Street from 1888.
    Naylor, Samuel G., retail grocer on the corner of Virginia and Broadway Streets from 1886.
    Neckakis & Petrakakis, retail grocers at 30 Twenty-Sixth Street in 1919.
    Neidert, Frank A., retail grocer, 1115 Lind Street in 1919.
    Neihaus, John, grocer at 400 Main Street from 1862 to Neihaus, Edward R., in 1919.
    Nesbitt, David S., retail grocer, 747 Market Street in 1919.
    Neugat, Leopold, grocer on the corner of Eighteenth and Eoff Streets in 1881.
    Nichaus, Edward R., retail grocer, 400 Main Street in 1919.
    Nikolaous, John, retail grocer, in Mozart in 1919.
    Nolte, Ernest, retail grocer, 3700 Wetzel Street in 1919.
    Nolte, Fredrick, groceries and produce, southwest corner Twenty-Fifth and Chapline Streets in 1881 and as William J. Nolte, grocer in 1919.
    Nolte, Henry F., proprietor of the ‘Eighth Ward’ grocery and provision store at 53 Thirty-Third Street in 1881 and at 3201 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Nortemann, August, retail grocer at 196 Sixteenth Street in 1919.
    Oliver, Benjamin F., retail grocer, 128 Fifteenth Street in 1919.
    Pace, Michael, retail grocer, 2149 Main Street in 1919.
    Petticord, Earl W., retail grocer, 3511 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Phillips, Anna J., retail grocer, 2846 Moyston in 1919.
    Pollock & Donlon, grocers at 8 Monroe Street in 1853.
    Porter, Oscar, B., retail grocer, 81 Fifteenth Street in 1919.
    Potts, Edwin B., Jr., retail grocer, 2125 Market Street in 1919.
    Price, dealer in groceries, provisions, etc. at 351 Main Street.
    Prosser, John Edward, retail grocer on Main Street in North Wheeling from 1885.
    Purpura, James S., retail grocer, 236 Twenty-Ninth Street in 1919.
    Rasel, Amelia, retail grocer, 4529 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Raszkiewicz, John, retail grocer, 91 Forty-Fifth Street in 1919.
    Ratcliff, D.L. & Co., (Ratcliff, D.L. and Hoelsche, S.) groceries, dry goods and hardware at 3545 and 3547 Jacob Street in 1881.
    Reessing, George W. & Co., grocery circa 1860.
    Reinacher, Joseph L., retail grocer, 86 Eighteenth Street in 1919.
    Relster, Mrs. Ada, retail grocer, 1913 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Rial, William H., retail grocer, 2401 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Raab’s Sons, (J.G. Raab) fancy groceries, 30 National Road, Elm Grove.
    Riemenschneider, Emma J., retail grocer, 2207 Market Street in 1919.
    Riester, George L., retail grocer, 2343 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Riley, Michael, retail groceries and liquors, Market and Monroe Streets in 1861.Ritchie, George, retail grocer from 1880 at 2300 Main Street to John George, retail grocer at 2300 Main Street in 1919.
    Ritner, Milton, retail grocer, 26 South Penn Street in 1919.
    Robb, Albert G., retail grocer, 71 Zane Avenue in 1919.
    Roger, Henry E., retail grocer, 335 Warwood Avenue in 1919.
    Rogers, A. & Son, grocers 1858-1864.
    Rule, Russell, Retail Grocer, 117 Eleventh Street in 1919.
    Rundall, Jonathan, grocery, clothing and variety store and well digging at 37 Centre Street.
    Saba, Thomas H., retail grocer, 48 Highland Avenue, Warwood in 1919.
    Sachs, Saul H., retail grocer, 1064 Market Street in 1919.
    Sandler, Christian, grocer at 118 Eighteenth Street from 1880.
    Sayre, Holly, retail grocer, 56 Virginia Avenue in 1919.
    Schafer, Henry B., retail grocer, 3328 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Schaffner, William & Son, retail grocers, 1728 Wood Street in 1919.
    Schwan, Albert & Son, retail grocers, 114 Edgington Lane in 1919.
    Schaub, Antonio, retail grocer, 893 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Schellhase, John E., of George Schellhase & Son, retail grocer from 1879-1887.
    Scheuer, Nicholas, retail grocer, 95-97 Edgington Lane in 1919.
    Schmidt, Martin, grocer at 48 Eleventh Street from 1886.
    Schrebe, Caroline, retail grocer, 4728 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Schrebe, Henry W., retail grocer from 1875 on the corner of Jacob and Fiftieth Street.
    Schreiber, Gregory J., groceries, cigars, tobacco, candy and school supplies at 2127 Chapline Street in 1919. This had been the store of Bachman, Conrad, retail grocer from 1869 to 1871.
    Schwartz, Mrs. Stella, retail grocer, 1032 Market Street in 1919.
    Scott & Dorsey, retail grocer, 111 Virginia Avenue in 1919.
    Seitter Bros., retail grocer, 102 South Penn and 96 Zane Avenue in 1919.
    Senseny, Jacob, grocer in 1850.
    Serig Bros., retail grocer, 95 Main Street in 1919.
    Sershen, Louis W., retail grocer, 4421 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Shackleford, Mrs. Florence B., retail grocer, 71 Eighteenth Street in 1919.
    Shia & Co., retail grocer in Warwood in 1919.
    Showalter, Charles W., retail grocer, 168 Fourteenth Street in 1919.
    Shulter, John, retail grocer, 1635 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Simeon, Woodrow D., dealer in groceries and provisions at 246 Main Street.
    Smith, Charles K., retail grocer, 1110 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Snell, Robert, grocery and provision merchant at 85 Zane Street.
    Snider, Charles V., retail grocer, 1607 Wood Street in 1919.
    Sonker, Ernest A., retail grocer, 2232 Highland Avenue, Warwood in 1919.
    Spargo, William C., retail grocer from 1883.
    Speidel, Benedict, retail grocer from 1853-1874 father of Joseph Speidel, wholesale grocer.
    Standar, Andy, grocery southeast corner of Twenty-Fourth and Market Street in 1881.
    Starner, Edward A., retail grocer, 532 Main Street in 1919.
    Steininger, Fred, retail grocer, 925 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Steininger, Mrs. Josephine, retail grocer, 926 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Stender, Anthony, retail grocer, 116 North Park, Edgewood in 1919.
    Stewart, William, grocery and provision merchant, 442 Main Street.
    Stingle, Charles, dealer in groceries and provisions at 150 Market Street (Market Square).
    Stoley, Henry, grocer northeast corner Twenty-Third and Market Street in 1881.
    Stolze, Albert, & Bayha, grocers at 1115 Market Street from 1889.
    Strauss, Charles, retail grocer, 132 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Stroske, Michael, retail grocer, 2135 Main Street in 1919.
    Stubbs, E.S., grocery, northwest corner Fourteenth and McColloch Street in 1881.
    Stumpp, Mrs. Ida, retail grocer, 451 Market Street in 1919.
    Sullivan, William E., retail grocer, 1106 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Szeech, Joseph, retail grocer, 56 Eleventh Street in 1919.
    Teufel, Medut, grocery at 2737 Chapline Street in 1881.
    Thalman, Frank G., retail grocer at Third and Main Streets from 1883.
    Tharp, Daniel, grocer at 113 Clay Street.
    Thornburg, Elmer E., retail grocer, 55 Maryland Avenue in 1919.
    Thornburg, Nelson A., retail grocer, 50 Kentucky Avenue in 1919.
    Toppete, Alfonse, retail grocer, 2164 Main Street in 1919.
    Truschel, W.H. & Co., grocer and dealer in paper woodenware, cordage tablets, roofing building paper and pitch, ‘White Seal’ flour and grocers’ sundries, 1423 Main Street, 1422 South Street in 1901 to Atlas-Grocery Co., wholesale grocers at 1423-25 Main Street, 2nd Floor in 1920.
    Tucker, John E., retail grocer, corner Adams and Valley View Avenue, Pleasanton in 1919.
    Turczynski, Mary, retail grocer, 4411 Wetzel Street in 1919.
    Turner, Drusilla B., retail grocer, 876 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Turner, J.E., groceries and produce at 218 Main Street in 1902.
    Ulrich, Harry C., groceries and produce store at 3601 Jacob Street in 1881.
    United Grocery Store, Vollinger, H.J., 1700 Wood Street in 1919.
    Unruh, Frank, grocer at 1226-1228 Water Street in 1851.
    Van Fossen, Ira B., retail grocer at 700 Main Street from 1888.
    Vance, William J., retail grocer, 1100 Lind Street in 1919.
    Veneman, Charles, retail grocer, 2801 Eoff Street in 1919.
    Viewig, Frederick, retail grocer, 4422 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Vogy, Wm. and F.A., dealers in groceries and produce at 2727 Chapline Street in 1881.
    Volger, George C., retail grocer, 3943 Jacob Street in 1919.
    W.A. Druhorst Co., retail grocer, National Road at Birch Lynn in 1919.
    Wait, John W., grocer on the corner of Jacob and Thirty-Third Street.
    Walford, John, retail grocer from 1884.
    Wallace, Clark, retail grocer, butter eggs, cheese and poultry at 1323 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Walters, Lee C., retail grocer, 2910 Chapline Street in 1919.
    Warnecke, August, Jr., retail grocer on Twenty-Third Street between Main and Market Streets.
    Warnecke, Herman T., retail grocer, 203 Twenty Ninth Street in 1919.
    Watkins, Albert L., retail grocer, 1719 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Weidle, Frederick, retail grocer, 4313 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Werfele, Otto, produce, fruits and vegetables, 150 Seventeenth Street in 1919.
    Wetzel, J. Frances, retail grocer, 946 McColloch Street in 1919.
    White, William & Chapline, dealers in groceries, tobacco and cigars, foreign and domestic liquors.
    Wickham’s Food Markets, (E.G. Wickham) Triadelphia, Glenwood and Warwood Markets.
    Wiethe, August, retail grocer, 2306 Wood Street in 1919.
    Williams, Herbert, retail grocer, 5024 Jacob Street in 1919.
    Willis Springs Dairy Co., W.L. Crisswell.
    Wilson, Thomas, keeps a fruit and variety store at 192 Main Street.
    Wise, Jacob, dealer in groceries and produce at 270 Main Street.
    Woodrow, S.D., retail groceries and liquors in (Washington Hall).
    Work, Alfred D., retail grocer at 3114 Eoff Street from 1889.
    Wurtzbacher, Henry A., retail grocer, 107 Eleventh Street in 1919.
    Wurtzbacher, William, retail grocer, 1232 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Yahn, Adam J., grocer at 158 Seventeenth Street from 1884 from his father Yahn, Conrad, retail grocery and cigar manufactory 1851-1884.
    Young, Walter O., retail grocer, 130 Eighteenth Street in 1919.
    Yuncke, Charles, retail grocer, 400 National Road, Fulton in 1919.
    Zimmerman, Albert C., retail grocer, 2907 McColloch Street in 1919.
    Ziomek, Albert, retail grocer, 4601 Eoff Street in 1919.

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